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Tools for Life Skills

Planning To Get Anything You Want

Planning To Get Anything You Want!

7 Steps Anyone Can Follow

Download this 7 step system on how to confidently go after your dreams one step at a time.  You'll be glad you did!

One of the best ways to achieve amazing results in your life is to work with others. Why not go through these 7 steps with a friend or partner to plan your next adventure and watch how this system can help change your life!

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How We Help!



If you're an educator working with youth and adults and would like to spice up your training with some new materials and resources, check out these employment and life skills tools here. Ask us how you can become a Life Skills and Employment Trainer with access to videos, printable materials, PowerPoint presentations, and more. 

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Planning For Indigenous Leaders

If you're an Indigenous Leader we have custom designed planning programs for your staff. These programs are game changers for new band staff, helping to develop their on the job skills, fast.

Ask us how we can support your team to plan projects and events, find the funding to make them happen, and put them into action all while growing the capacity of your staff and the members they serve.​


  • Quality online programs that our students rave about.  Programs are designed on an easy to use platform for training with simple instructions even a beginner can learn quickly.  We make online training fun and interesting.  
  • If students can operate a cell phone, they can learn online.  Students have access to our programs 24/7 wherever they can access Wi-Fi.  Programs are all compatible with laptops, desktops, cell phones and tablets. 
  • All training programs have an interactive system with Instructor.
  • All programs are written in grade 5 English or lower to ensure the success of all our students.  Math levels vary depending on the program enrolled in.
  • Upon completion of each course students receive a completion certificate they can easily upload to employment sites and social media's sites.


If you're a leader with a vision and want to learn how to take your vision and make it real we can help.

It takes tenacity, drive and passion to craft the life you want, along with careful planning. That's where we come in.  Let us show you a simple system you can follow to make all your projects come to life, achieve the goals you have only dreamed about, launch your new career or simply plan your perfect day off. We've got you covered.


Great communication skills is key to leading.  If you would like to improve your communication skills, speak so others will listen and learn how to develop and deliver powerful presentations contact us for our FREE 5 day email course Leaders Speaking Series complete with FREE eBook - How To Ace The Basics Of Speaking In Public: Conquer Your Fear Here. Become the leader you're meant to be!

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What Others Are Saying

OshenCommunications Coordinator- Saulteau First Nations

A teacher is everything in learning something new whether it's in class or online. Oho Education has the programs to help you get to where you need to go. I hope I get to take something else with them again.

AnnetteHalfway River First Nations

This training was a wonderful experience and I have learned a lot about myself. I also learned how to manage my time and that personal and professional life are two different things. This training has made me see how planning is so important. Research it, plan it, do it and then finish the reporting. Don’t just hold a program that everybody is interested in but do a project that everyone will take and finish. 

Tracey PaquetteBlueberry River First Nation

Doing speeches were so difficult for me in the beginning but throughout this training I have faced these fears and now volunteer to speak because I’m excited to share. I would recommend Oho Education for any type of training they believe our community could benefit from.  

We Believe Business Is Not Just About Transactions, It Is About Making A Difference and Contributing To The World!

Ace The Basics

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