Want to Lead In Your Life

Do you find yourself struggling in your job or your business?

On the job, you really want be part of the team where others see your talents and you’re excited to share what you have learned but, find the others you work with are not as excited to hear what you offer.  You are the new kid on the block and communication is breaking down.

You want to have others see you as a leader but because you are young and/or the new member of the team, teammates don’t want to listen to you, leaving you upset and frustrated.

Do you find yourself dealing with difficult co-workers, bosses or clients in your business and do not know what you can do to change that?  Are your client’s struggling to attract your perfect clients?

Do you find yourself going into your office every day with no real plan on what’s next?  You seem to just always be either putting out fires or shuffling papers and at the end of the day when you look back you still have so many things to do it seems you cannot get to the bottom of the to do list?

When I was first starting out in business I struggled for many years with all those problems and more.  I found my self-confidence eroded regularly.  As a new Financial Planner in the field of finance I had many things to learn and how to navigate my way through this maze was very difficult.  There was no internet back then to go to, to find answers to life’s difficult issues at work or business.

On this site, you will find posts to all kinds of business related issues that many of us face throughout our career.

I believe we are not born with skills to lead, we learn them from those that have come before us.  Mentors, coaches, online sites such as ours can all help you manage these challenges you will face as a leader.  For more about my journey and struggles go here.

With over 40 years working full-time in the world of business I have overcome extreme challenges.  Challenges you may now be facing.  I have mentored and helped thousands of people overcome extreme obstacles in their jobs and life in general and would love to help you.  Join our FREE community so you can receive our latest posts on how to navigate the business world smoothly and what to do when your world seems up side down as a leader.

Educators Looking For Quality Support Materials for Your Classroom

I have spent thousands of hours writing and developing curriculum customized for students from grade 8 – adults which can now help save you time.

The internet is full of resources to help you in your classroom, why continue to develop everything on your own when it comes to job preparation, employment and foundation skills training?  Use the energy you have, to pour into your students and leave development of these tools to us.  Watch for my new store coming soon.

Our Vision

Oho Education’s vision is to help evolving entrepreneurs and leaders bridge the skills gap between their formal education and the work they need to do to grow their business or, as an employee to lead in the job they’re hired for.

Our Mission and structure

Oho Education’s mission is to offer evolving entrepreneurs and leaders, business foundation skills and training, to create stability and freedom in their lives.

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