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Feb 27

Learning something new SUCKS!

By Judy | Employment , Personal Development

Learning Life Skill

Learning Something New Sucks!

I have never met anyone that finds learning easy.  Even if you if love to learn the process of getting our brains to understand what we are learning is tough.  It means change and takes time to form new neuropathways in our brains.

Let’s take learning how to set goals and make them happen for an example.  Every January many of us spend time thinking about our New Year’s Resolutions or new goals for the coming year, but, says that, only 9.2% of people feel they make their New Year’s Resolution happen.

Wow, that sucks! I bet that makes you feel motivated, huh?

Do you think it might be because most people are never taught how to get what they want or they just don’t want to take the time to learn how to get what they want?

I want you to imagine, the first time you ever rode a bike, maybe drove a car, swam, skied, anything you did for the first time. Imagine that, for just a minute.

When you started to learn this skill, was it easy? Did you fall, scrap your knees, get frustrated, want to quit…

Normally, when we start anything new for the first time we find it difficult. Our brain just doesn’t seem to want to let us grasp it immediately.

In fact, things that end up being the best reward in the end, often are the most difficult to learn.

I remember my first bike ride.  I was so bad that even when I thought I was good, I fell and ended up with 7 stitches right across the front of my knee and a brace on my leg for 2 weeks so I didn’t keep breaking it open.

There was no fun in that, yet I still wanted to get good at riding that bike.

New Year’s resolutions, or setting goals are no different from learning how to do something for the first time.

In fact, learning anything for the first time is not normally a snap for most of us, but once we learn the basics and practice the rewards are worth the effort.

So, why is it that we will learn how to do all kinds of things in our lives but we don’t learn how to set goals properly in elementary school?   Children are so smart now, this is something we could begin to teach them young and they would find their lives much more rewarding as they get older.

Heck, maybe you have never really been taught how to set goals and make the results you hoped for. Most of us were not taught this in school or even at home. I know I certainly was not.

A skill so important that all major achievers learn it and perfect it.  They understand the impact setting proper goals can have in your life.

Learning how to follow a system for goal setting can change your life and within days you can begin to see results.

Spending a lifetime learning, I set learning how to master goal setting, as a priority. I know how important it is to know how to set goals and plan strategically when running a business. Without knowing how to set goals I would have been out of business a long time ago.

No, not all my goals worked out the way I planned them, exactly. Some worked out even better and some pivoted into something new and some were simply stopped.

You see once you know how to follow a system, you can make that job you have always wanted happen, get that new car, buy that home for your family…and more and even when life gets hard, you will know how to start over.

Why not start to learn this skill now, and start getting what you say you want?

After all, you don’t have to wait until January every year to start something new. You can begin to craft out what you want any time of the year.

Don’t spend years like I did, reading books, articles, magazines, taking course after course that never really had a system I could follow.

We are now in the age where the world is changing rapidly and learning to set goals is a skill you can apply to every aspect of your life: Career, Relationships, Health, Spirituality, Finances and more.

If you are going to learn anything this year…sign up to get more information on the launch of our new program for Planning To Get Anything You Want, as it comes available here.  In the comments section simply state Interested in Planning To Get Anything You Want information and we will send it to you as soon as it is ready.

In the meantime remember learning is not easy for anyone and for some it is down right difficult but, the more you practice learning the easier it is and just knowing it will be tough can easy the pain as you go through changing your brain.

Happy learning till next time,

Judy Michaud

Feb 21

Problems Are Waiting To Be Solved!

By Judy | Employment , Leadership , Personal Development

Problems Life Skills

Problems Are Waiting To Be Solved – Master This Life Skill

Problems are waiting for you to solve them. Are you someone who sees a problem in your life as a bad thing? or

Are you someone who sees a problem as a good thing? It’s like the age-old question “Do you see the cup half empty or half full?”

Problems are not bad to have in your life.  If you have nothing you need to solve or overcome in a day how full is your life?  Problems do not need to mean DRAMA or crazy making stuff that happens to all of us.

Problems are things that arise in our lives every day they are given to us to learn to solve.  A problem is something that needs you to deal with it. Just think back on the last problem you solved and how great you felt.  Solving your own problems will help you raise your own self-esteem.

When we are children we have parents, who help us solve problems, sometimes they even solve them for you.  Not always a good thing for you.  The younger you are when you start to learn to solve problems the better you will get when you get older.

Teenagers want to solve their own problems.  This is a good thing.  What teens need is guidance, a chance to figure things out, fail, get back up, dust themselves off and try again and master this life skill.  The parents become the biggest cheerleader.

As a child, teenager or even adult when we face problems we will often do one of three things: freeze, run, or fight.

Sometimes our instincts will kick in and we will solve our problems based on impulsive emotions.  Not the best solution.

Problems Life Skill

Below are seven things to consider when you face a problem that is looking for a solution.

1. The way you look at the problem will decide how you solve the problem.

If you look at it with determination and resolve you will find a way to overcome the obstacle and find the solution.  If you look at it as if it is something that is being “done to you” or from a place of “why me” then you need to consider changing your mind.  Feeling “done to” or asking “why me” will not help you solve your problem.

Solving problems takes practice.

The more problems you solve the more success you will see in your life.  Very successful people learn to solve many problems and they do not stay stuck (or frozen) for any length of time.  They move on and make things happen, even if it does not work and they must try something else.  They are not afraid to fail.  They just keep moving along with calculated action to solve their problems.

2. Is the problem life threatening. 

Do I need to get help immediately or is it something that I can solve given a cool head and time?

If your problem is something that is putting you, someone else or an animal in danger and you cannot stop it on your own, get help!

The longer you wait to reach out to someone the worse the situation may get.  If you are unable to get help leave.

As I stated above, freeze, and get help or run and get away from the situation.  It is not the best idea to fight, as someone is going to get hurt, even though it could be your first response.

Nothing good will come from a head-on fight with someone when both parties are angry.  It is not a great way to solve a life-threatening problem.  If you are in danger run and get help to solve your problem!

3. This problem will end. 

There are several studies on anxiety and worry and I have read that often 8% of what we worry about will come true. Source: The Essence of Success by Earl Nightingale. Edited by Carson V. Conant.

What that means to you is that 92% or what you are worrying about will not happen.  Just knowing that will help you to stop and think about your problem in a different way.

Problems will come and go in your life.  The better you get at solving them the more life you will have.

If you find yourself stuck in a circle of worry stop and ask yourself some questions:  What am I afraid of?  What step(s) can I take now to help me feel better?  Is what I am worrying about really true or is it something I have made up in my mind?  If you are not sure and it involves someone else, go to them and ask them questions to help you confirm your thoughts.  Endless worry is a freeze response that will keep you stuck and even sending you spiraling out of control if you let it.

Stop and breath deeply at least 5 times.  Remember:  All things eventually pass and change into something else.  Nothing stays the same.

If you work at making it better it will improve.  Give it time and relax into the process of solving the problem.

4. Always be accountable – you have created the problem you are in. 

Accountability is a hard concept to understand. There are hundreds of books written on this very topic.   Everything we go through in life we have created for ourselves.  If you can simply accept that what you are going through you have created, then you can take steps to never let it happen again, solve the problem and move on.

Blaming other people or things for our problems does not make the problem go away.  It just keeps you frozen.

If you are taking responsibility for what is happening, you are likely moving in a forward motion of making the problem better.  Sometimes it may seem easier to blame everyone around you for what is taking place but, in the long run you will be the one that stays stuck and does not get the results you want in your life.  Own up and start thinking of solutions instead of blaming the world for the problem you face.

If you have created this, you can also create a solution to fix it.  We all are born with a genius inside.  Stop, breath and listen to your instinct, the answers will come.

5. You are not on this planet alone. 

For every problem you face, there are thousands of people out their wanting to help you solve the problem.

If you want to solve all your own problems get your own planet.

Solve your problems sooner by asking for help. Not asking for problems is a form of flight, running from the problem instead of letting others know you have one and getting the help that you need.  Stop running and start asking for support.

6. Feel the fear and do it anyway. 

Often when we have problems we start to worry, we allow our brains to dwell in negative thoughts and the problem somehow seems to get bigger.  Fear is the problem you are having.  A fear of what others might think, of not being good enough, of getting hurt….what ever it is, it is likely not real.

Sometimes the fear we think about is not reality based and we need to simply do something or stop thinking about what might go wrong.  Many people have the fear of failure.

Successful people feel fear but they know they will must go through some failures to find the gem and success they are looking for.

We all need to go through times of solving problems, some more difficult than others.  Don’t let the fear of anything stop you from solving your most pressing problems today!

7. Own up to your responsibilities as a leader

Leaders solve more problems than most people.

If you strive to lead, you will need to see problems as something that needs solving.

If you come up with a solution you think is going to work and it does not, move on to plan B.  Having a back up plan is always a good plan when solving problems.  If that, then this.  If that does not work, then do this.  By having a plan for what might happen if your first plan does not work.

The next time you have a problem take it on like it is your best friend looking for help.  After all a problem is looking for a solution and needs you to solve it. Mastering this life skill is a great problem to solve.

Till next time,



Feb 18

How to Plan Your Perfect Day Off – Just RnR!

By Judy | Employment , Personal Development

Life Skills Planning

How To Plan Your Perfect Day Off - Just RnR!

Take a few minutes and let’s just relax.  If you are like most people who are employed you work at least 5 days per week, business owners and entrepreneurs probably more.

Many times you may find your work very challenging and sometimes may not even enjoy what you are doing at all.

If you are one of these people who go through each work day wishing you were somewhere else or feeling drained you are not alone.  According to Hays Recruiting experts, half the workforce is unhappy.

How can we help change that?

Let’s look at creating your perfect day off.  Transform your days off so you can have true rest and relaxation.

Life Skills Resting

Time off (average two days per week) makes up almost 30% of your entire year.  Often our “weekends” are Saturday/Sunday but,  you might be required to work on the weekends and your “weekend” is then Sunday, Monday or Tuesday, Wednesday or you work shifts and may get one week off every two weeks or some other combination.

It is inevitable that your day off could come and go and you may still feel just as unhappy and unsatisfied about life as you did before you had time off.  You know you have time off to look forward to, what are you planning to do with this time?  So often we take time for granted – yet it is one of those things we cannot get back.

Some people spend their time off thinking about how much they don’t want to go back to work.  They dwell on their work days, how much they can’t stand their jobs, and waste this valuable time off being unhappy.

That type of thinking and action is certainly not going to transform you into feeling better.  Why not change the way you think about your time off?

Planning your RnR time can help you look forward to something when you are off.  It can also take the burden off the day of trying to figure out at the last-minute what you want to do and maybe not being able to because you waited to long.  When you think of what you would love to do in advance you can save yourself money (by buying your activities on sale in advance), save yourself wasting your day off trying to plan, and sucking your energy dry just trying to make a plan at the last-minute.

Let’s look at the 3 quick things to do to Just RnR on your perfect day off –  transforming your day off.

Life Skills Activities


In order to have a perfect day off you will need to plan some thing to do.  The first item you will want to think about is what activities do I want to do.  Try not to pack too much activity into your day so it feels relaxed and remember to plan in nap time and sleeping in.  When you get plenty of rest you feel better, your body rejuvenates itself while you sleep and you will begin to feel stress leaving your body.


Think of your activities above and decide who you want to invite to be a part of your perfect day and what activities they will take part in with you.  Maybe it’s a whole day at a resort with that special person in your life.

Once you have activities planned work out, who you are going to invite, put when during the day you will do that activity (especially if you booked an activity like golfing, etc. or a dinner reservation), you don’t want to miss it or be late.


Me time is time where you get to know yourself better. You are never too old to learn more about who you are as a person. Me time is also a time to take care of your health, body, and mind. Examples: Get a haircut, manicure, pedicure, go to the gym, make my favorite dinner, journaling, watch a sappy movie, curl up with the dog, shopping, sleep in, nap, go  swimming, make a date with yourself.

Some people find spending time alone and with themselves difficult.  They may find it boring or just weird.  They may even feel lonely.  It takes practice spending time with yourself to getting to know you better.  Once you get good at this you will want to have Me Time more often, trust me, it is awesome.

Life Skills Me Time

Just a couple of rules you should follow if you want a great day:

  1. Stay off your technology and enjoy your time with your friends and family
  2. Stay engaged in the activities you are doing.
  3. Stay in the moment of now as much as you can all day.  If you find yourself drifting off to the future or the past simply stop and get back in the moment of now (unless you are reflecting to learn more about yourself and how you can grow as a person).
  4. Turn off your work phone, emails, and other technology. Only use these to connect with the people you are spending your perfect day with.
  5. If you get tired, stop and nap, guilt free.
  6. This is your day, not anyone else’s make yourself important and do what you planned.  Don’t let anyone or anything derail your day.
  7. If you for some reason can’t make the date you set for Your Perfect Day Off, make it up to yourself and do it right away on your next day off.
  8. Plan Your Perfect Day Off as often as you want, the more the merrier.

If you want to make sure you don’t forget anything so you have that plan right in front of you, I have created the Rest n’ Relax Worksheet – Plan Your Perfect Day Off to help make your day perfect.

You can get your copy here.

If you want to feel good on the job, rest and relax on your days off.  This will help you get through your work days and have things to look forward to on your days off.

Having a Perfect Day Off does not just happen, you make it happen!  Judy Michaud

Nov 27

I have a confession to make..

By Judy | Employment , Leadership , Personal Development

I have a confession to make....


It is super hard for me to make a confession about anything, but I know it’s time to start fessing up.

My confession….I was not a very good student in high school. All I wanted to do was skip out of class and hang out with my friends. Leaving school when my parents thought I was in school, didn’t always work out for me. Sometimes I got caught and oh boy, did shit hit the fan at home.

You see, back then, as kids, many of us were a bit afraid of our parents and what they might do if we got caught doing things we know would get us in trouble; I was one of those kids. I certainly did not want to face the consequences or wrath of my dad, he put up with no BS.

My grade 12 year was one of the hardest times of my life. Pressure to go to class. My grades were plummeting. I had mixed feelings…I dreamed of being one of the first in my family to go to College.  But how would that even happen? I  did not like reading or even math for that matter and I was so shy I could hardly speak to myself; the conversations were short.

I did make it through grade 12, after many parties, hangovers and hard tests I barely skinned through. So, what did I do, I enrolled to go to College to become a Social Worker (What the hell was I thinking?).  After 4 short months of College I just could not take it, so I went to work full-time for a major Corporation, landing a great job! Just lucky, I guess.

You know the funny thing was, my job required a major learning curve. Ha, ha, karma. 

I had to go into class to learn how to do my job and then, almost every year, take one course after another, just to stay up with what was going on and be able to move onto better jobs.

At the age of 28, I was so lost. I could barely hold a conversation at work with my coworkers and would go to parties on the weekend, sit there until I was drunk before I would speak to anyone and even then, the conversation was very one-sided on their part. I decided I needed to quit being so afraid of myself so I enrolled in a public speaking course at the local College. It changed my life.

I found my voice, went on from there to take courses every semester for years and now I am the biggest nerd when it comes to learning new things. I absolutely love reading, writing and learning new things every day.

You see, it was a process for me, but one course changed me like I had never been changed before. Let me take you back for a minute to the first class in the Public Speaking course. The instructor was a super nice guy and very patient. He knew his stuff and knew how to get people out of their comfort zone.  All he asked from each of us was to stand up and tell the class a bit about ourselves.

Terrified, yep that was me.

When it came to my turn to stand up I almost fell apart. I stood up my legs shaking, my hands shaking and my voice cracking.  I was visibly nervous but that was nothing compared to the extreme sick feeling I had inside. I thought I was going to hurl, before I even told them my name.

I stood up slowly, said my name and mumbled that I was a mother of two and quickly sat down, crying like a baby. Yep, crying like a small child who had just been spanked for opening her mouth. The instructor was in shock.  He had never seen someone so afraid to tell people about themselves.

That first 15 seconds on my feet changed my whole world.  I almost did not go back, but with  very positive encouragement from the instructor after the first class, I did return.  Week after week went by, I found my voice and the courage I needed to start to say what was on my mind when I needed to.

That was my learning.

It takes courage to start to learn and love it and you never know what you will love.

From that class, I went on to find the courage to leave my first marriage and change my job, but that’s another story for another day.

Without taking that Public Speaking class I never would have become a Financial Planner, Instructor of youth and Adults, Entrepreneur, speaker and a writer.

One of the biggest lessons I have learned in my life is don’t judge anyone by the way the look or act. You never know where they are at internally.

A friend of mine once said to me “so many people judge what is internally going on within themselves, compared to the external they see in others and think they will never measure up.”

The external of anyone can look one way and be something else entirely. Measure your success on your own yardstick, not someone else’s.

Now you know about my big confession, I was a terrible learner and so shy, I didn’t even speak out loud to myself!

Learning is a journey, why not start exploring what might just change your life one day.

No more excuses. You can do it! Your friends and family are waiting for you to find the courage inside to become who you are at your best, and show up as that person everyday.

So, learn something new today, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, and DON’T LET FEAR STOP YOU!

Now it’s your turn…leave a quick comment below on how you overcame one of your biggest fears….I would love to hear from you and so would others…