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How To Find Work In Today's Market?  Getting Started 

In order to succeed in getting a new job or finding a career you love, learning new skills is essential. This introductory program will give you a foundation of skills and information to help you get started on your journey to successful future employment.

How To Have More Time Doing What You Love

This introduction to time management you will begin working with new tools that will help you daily to be more effective in achieving the goals you set along your journey to achieving gainful employment.

How To Develop A Resume and Cover Letter

In this course you will learn how to develop a resume and cover letter to match the job you really want to apply for. Getting started with a resume can be overwhelming. This step by step system will help you get started and develop a resume you can be proud of.

How to Ace The Interview

In this course you will develop your interview skills to help successfully ace an interview. Getting ready is important for your success and this course will show you how to prepare for any interview you will attend.

How to Develop Successful Work Ethics

 Knowing what employers are looking for in employees is important: What will help them to reduce their turnover of staff and have a successful and effective team? How can you become part of their team using successful work ethics, and be that valued employee, everyone wants to hire and keep?

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Financial Literacy Level 1

This course is designed to stop the trial and error process most people use when handling their finances. You will learn the basics of handling your finances while learning time-proven principles that everyone needs to be financially successful.  Check it out new tools you will use for life.

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Financial Literacy Level 2

This online training program will help you to understand and organize your finances. Organizing your financial affairs is something everyone should take care of but many people just don’t think is important.  We often put more time into watching TV than working on how to improve our financial situation.  Why not get started right today!

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