How To Ace The Basics of Leadership? 

By Judy | Leadership

Mar 15

How To Ace The Basics of Leadership?  

Are you tired of following orders or following others around and not leading in your own life?  Well, you’re not alone in this but….

We’re not all born leaders. We learn new skills over time to become leaders. Inside each one of us is a great leader but some people just don’t choose to lead.

Leading is a choice you make. Knowing what it takes to become a leader will help you get started on your journey to leading others or once you know what it’s going to take maybe your just going to decide to keep doing what you’re doing but, then at least it becomes your choice.

If you are already running your own business, leading a community, working in a job that requires you to lead others, or simply want others to look to you for your leadership qualities you may want to check out the list below to remind yourself of all it takes lead.  If you are just starting to consider becoming a leader, read on this will get you started.

Leadership Begins With You  – Model The Way

When choosing leadership you also choose to model the way for others. Great leaders understand that they need to act the way they want others to act. They lead by example.

Two important questions you may want to ask yourself as a leader are:

  1. Am I showing up in my life as a good example of the way I want him/her to be? and
  2. Am I treating him/her the way I want to be treated?

I have seen and felt, first-hand, what it feels like on teams that have leaders that don’t even possess the qualities needed to lead.  Often they get into leadership roles because they bully, bribe, lie, and cajole their way to the top only to continue the same behavior when they become the leader, which does not end in good results in the end.

If you want to be a Leader – Start Developing The following Characteristics

1. Honesty and Trustworthiness 

People are looking for leaders who are honest and trustworthy.  The news is full of stories of leaders who lie.  What that does for the leader is erode what others think of them very quickly.  No one wants to look up to or follow a person who is dishonest.  Trust is not built-in your first meeting but destroyed fast if you are not honest.

2. Visionary and Forward Thinking

Great leaders inspire vision and are forward thinking.  In order to inspire vision it is important for them to understand  who they’re leading. People want to believe that their leaders have clear vision and that they have their best interests at heart.

3. Inspiring

Great leaders are those who inspire hope and dreams in others. Leaders are dreamers and they understand that everyone else has a dream as well. The best leaders fuel others’ dreams.

4. Dedicated and Supportive

They show others how to come together in unity for the good of everyone and are supportive to all team members. It takes dedicated leaders to support teams, businesses and communities that thrive. The most important thing a leader can do is to allow their team to act.  Leaders trust the people on their team and have faith that each member will be responsible and effective, while at the same time, they hold their team members accountable for their results.  They are not a babysitter for each team member and do not micromanage their team members, they support them to  greatness.

5. Courageous Pioneer

Leaders are enthusiastic pioneers for their teams and lead with courage. They venture out and take action. Wise leaders understand that change will not just happen – they make it happen.

6. Care For People

They seek opportunities for growth and for building capacity. The best leaders do not command others—they inspire them to do what needs to get done. Leaders watch for opportunities to recognize achievements, and celebrate milestones and they urge all team members to do the same.  They truly care about their people.

7. Intelligent and Competent

Learning new things is second nature to leaders. They are intelligent and become the experts in their fields.  Leaders know what they are good at and hire people who are experts with the skills they do not have.  They “hire-up” and are not afraid of working with people who are more competent than they are in some areas.

8. Fair, Broad-Minded and Dependable

You know you are working with a leader when you can easily talk to them, they are open to suggestions and new ideas as well as critiques, fair to all, yet straight-forward when they’re approached with problems. You can depend on

leaders to make things happen, and they step up to problems with great new ideas to move forward.

9. Determined and Imaginative

Leaders days are often filled with problems. Whether these problems are their own or their team’s, a problem is a problem. Leaders see problems as something that is looking for a solution.  They do not see problems as something to fear or shy away from. Many people find continuously facing problems overwhelming to the point of frustration, not leaders, they thrive on solving problems.

Great leaders, understand that without issues or problems there is no growth. Problems are a part of life. The more challenges you have, the more you are living. It is the way you look at problems that is really the issue. Leader stay focused on their goal when problems occur and how they will solve the next obstacle.

Determined leaders are very imaginative sometimes when it comes to solving problems and usually do not stay stuck for very long on any one problem.

Ace The Basics

Becoming a leader takes dedication, passion and persistence.  You cannot force your leadership on anyone, they must want to follow you as a leader.  Take your time work on each one of the characteristics above, ace the basics and you will become the leader that everyone wants on their team and in their community and remember

becoming a good leader takes years of practice.

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