Employment and Career Preparation Online Training

Online Employment Programs To Help You Land That Job!

The Employment & Career Preparation Program for years has been delivered in classrooms all over BC, Canada and now after several years of research, development, and additions it is now offered online.

If you can watch videos and read at a grade 5 or up level you will love this program. You'll find easy to understand concepts that are essential to your success in finding a job you'll enjoy. At the same time, you'll learn more about yourself in many ways.

The program is designed to empower Indigenous youth and adults by providing them with the tools they need to make positive choices in their journey toward successful employment. The exclusive curriculum integrates the essentials of career, and employment training with personal life skills development.

Students explore their individual strengths, skills, and talents in creative and meaningful practices such as teamwork, decision-making, goal setting, problem solving, and communication during monthly conference calls.

Planning Successful Projects/Events

Planning Initiatives For Indigenous Community Development

This program, complete with all the handouts and other tools you will receive will become a portfolio of information you will refer to regularly.

Planning Initiatives for Indigenous Community Development is an online interactive program that provides a hands-on approach to developing projects within Indigenous communities.

The entire program has been custom designed to support you, from start to finish, as you develop programs/projects that meet the needs of your community members. We will provide you with tools you can use and customize for your community’s programs/projects.

During this program you will watch a series of Video lessons, and complete assignments using the handouts provided with each lesson. As well as online training, your training will include several interactive conference calls where you will have a chance to learn and develop new skills working together with others in the program.

There is also an online Community Support Group where you will begin to interactive with other students in the program and other students who have already completed the program. Throughout the program you can stay connected and share new ideas and projects with others while learning what others are offering in their communities.

For more details visit our online training site below.​

Leaders Training Series

Leaders Speaking Series

In this 5-Day FREE Leaders Speaking Email series you will learn:

  • The truth about becoming a master speaker.
  • Tips on how to train your brain before you're going to speak.
  • The best way to prepare for your next speech or group meeting.
  • How to slow down your fear response using 3 tangible steps.
  • What Einstein says is more important than knowledge.
  • Public Speaking techniques that could save you considerable agony when presenting to large or small groups.
  • Ideas on how to use these skills and build on them to help catapult your career to a whole new level and get you the income you were looking for
  • How and why great speakers, sound great! and much more....

This quick-read guide will step you through things you need to consider when you want to learn how to ace the basics of public speaking. Print it off and use it as you go through your 5 day Leaders Speaking Series email course.

I love stories. For me, it's a great way to remember things. So in this guide, I will share with you real stories, from real people who've also faced the fear of public speaking and crushed that fear once and for all. This guide is short and sweet so you can read it fast and refer back to it again and again as you go through your journey to mastering the art of public speaking.

This program will be up and running again by June 26th, 2017​ with new content. Contact us to start the FREE training.


Hire Judy To Facilitate Your Next Meeting

If you are looking for a facilitator for your next event, Judy Michaud can help!  She has facilitated all kinds of events, training sessions, board meetings, team meetings and yes even helped out at conferences. 

Not only can Judy help you with Facilitating your event so it runs smoothly, she can also help you customize it to meet the needs of your audience.

Call us at our office or contact us below. See how we can help you have a successful event.

Curriculum Support Services

Course Development and Design

Let Us Help You Custom Design Your Next Program

We have over 20 years experience custom designing Indigenous programs.   Working and living in Indigenous communities we spent our time researching, designing, testing, and proving Indigenous training programs customized to meet the needs of the communities we serve. 

Our expertise is in foundation skills training, planning, and course development.  Ask us how we can help you design a course suited just for your company, organization, community or classroom.

In the past, we have designed curriculum on the following topics:

  • Team Building Workshops - 1 -2 days for your team
  • Governance Board Training - 2 Days
  • Conducting Effective Meetings - Using Robert's Rules of Order
  • Taking proper Minutes of Your Meeting and Following the Law! (Canada)
  • Communication Workshops - 1/2 day - 3 days
  • Small Business - Operations, Marketing and Finance - Courses have varied in length from 1 day to 1 week
  • Personal Development Workshops - 1 hour - 3 days
  • Computer Skills Training - 4 hours - 4 days

These workshops and programs have been customized to meet the needs of our clients which is why the length will vary depending on your needs.  We can develop a 1 hour program you can deliver often (and you own it) or a 5-day program.  It all depends on you and what your group needs.  If you are looking for customized courses at affordable prices that transform your students, let's talk.

For some examples of programs we have put together, visit us at courses.ohoeducation.com

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