Hi! I'm Judy 

I am so glad you've joined me. 

A writer, humanitarian, and social entrepreneur, I am dedicated to supporting you to become the leader you always dreamed of being. 

Born in northern Manitoba in a very remote community, Metis family roots in Saskatchewan, and living in Alberta and British Columbia I have met several friends along my journey. 

I am proud to be a socially conscious entrepreneur who has personally met, witnessed, felt challenges people face every day, and taught people just like you.  People who have started from the very basics and developed their skills to be influential leaders in their communities. 

Through my books, curriculum, resources, and programs both in the class and online, I have had the honor of touching thousands of lives, helping them to dream again and create amazing results in their lives and in the lives they serve.

"I believe, we are not born with skills to navigate this world. We learn important life skills from our elders and then from the teachers we engage with along our journey. 

Often, we forget just how much those that have raised us have given to our lives.  My mother taught me the value of family and friends and my father taught me the importance of supporting them.

Life's learning never ends.  Learning about yourself and what you bring to the world will change your life."​

For over 20 years, I've been on a mission working with developing communities to empower youth and adults to learn new skills that will help them to create the results they're looking for in their lives. 

I know first-hand the value of learning life skills to navigate in this world.  Many years of personal development has led me down this path. 

Working with other like-minded professionals to support youth and adults moving into leadership or already immersed in it we launched the Life Skills 4 Employment initiative. A social business, that provides products and services focusing on acing the basics of leadership:

This initiative began out of a passion to help more youth and adults learn more about themselves and how their innate skills, they were born with, can make an impact on this world. I believe that one person at a time, living their life authentically, using the gifts they were born to share with the world, can change this world we live in.

"The one thing, over all these years that my students and I have uncovered is that basic life skills tools make a world of difference for anyone who wants to live with passion and purpose.

We also found that, many people are not always taught basic life skills growing up, leaving them in difficult situations when it comes to achieving the results they are hoping for in their lives.

Driven with a passion for supporting others to meet their dreams, I have been so lucky to watch many lives change right in front of my eyes. Making a difference is truly rewarding."

I love working with students both in the class, online and on the phone. Often spending hours working on one project. Designing a workshop or completing a program (with curriculum) that meets clients' needs is no small task, but when students start to change right in the classroom I know the work was all worth it.

"Waking up everyday I love what I do and often can’t wait to get started.

Achieving dreams is not always easy, I have had my fair share of trials over the years both in business and personally.

If I can help one person everyday at the end of the year I will have helped 365 people, to me that's significant.  I learn new life tools and give them back to others. Simple but not easy."


I am committed to serve. My company is built on passion, care, and a commitment to bring good into the world and make a difference with the product and services we will offer.  We aim to help you become a great leader, living a life you will truly love.

We are here to help you develop your leadership potential whether you are just starting out and want to become a leader, just getting your business growing and are managing others you want to also become leaders.  The best gift you can give is bringing your whole self to the world and then showing others how to do the same.

We are in business and do sell things, but most of the work we create is free for your use.  I am committed to keep learning and keep sharing with you, we are new and just getting started, keep coming back to learn more. 

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Thank you for taking your time to be here and I'm excited to learning together. 

Lots of love,


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