Planning Initiatives for Indigenous Community Development

This program, complete with all the handouts and other tools you will receive will become a portfolio of information you will refer to regularly.

Planning Initiatives for Indigenous Community Development is an online interactive program that provides a hands-on approach to developing projects within Indigenous communities.

The entire program has been custom designed to support you, from start to finish, as you develop programs/projects that meet the needs of your community members. We will provide you with tools you can use and customize for your community’s programs/projects.

Plan Your Perfect Day Off - Why Not? Aren't You Worth It?

RnR Worksheet Life Skills

Planning your perfect day off will give you something to look forward to on your next days off. Why not take a little bit of time and ask the universe for what you want and plan it so you can make sure it happens.

Your life will become fuller and filled with more joy the more you practice planning ahead and taking action to get the things you really want.

Make sense? Why not just try it out once. See if it works for you. What you got to loose.


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