Finances Made Easy Level One

By Judy

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Finances Made Easy Level One


This eBook is a simple, practical guide to handling your personal finances. It will help you take care of the money you earn, so that it can work for you to buy you the things in life that are important to you. You will learn how you can handle your money more effectively and why saving is so important to your future.

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Financial Literacy Level One – This eBook includes the information you need to teach financial literacy to students in Grades 7 – 9.

The book includes eight modules starting with the very basics and moving on to everyday life and spending.

This book can be worked through individually or in groups. Students work on a fictitious couple (Mary and Bob) finances learning new concepts as they progress through the book.

Learning about budgeting and finances should begin at an early age, when a child receives a gift of money for the first time. Growing up, we all learn how to handle money in different ways. Some of us have parents or other adults in their lives who take it upon themselves to teach us basic financial management, but most people learn by trial and error. This trial usually creates one error after another that we repeat throughout our lives.

Modules  in the eBook will help you to stop the trial and error process with money with exercises and questions that will help you learn the basics of handling your finances. You will learn time-proven principles that everyone needs to understand to lead a happy and fulfilling life without worrying about money.

8 Modules to easily and quickly help you to improve your financial picture. Every module covers a different aspect of managing money. This process might feel like learning to walk as a small child—a little uncomfortable in the beginning. With practice however, you will soon be running your own finances with confidence. Money, something you have fun with, not  something to worry about, so let’s get started.