Oct 27

#1 Tip You Need To Be Successful In Your Life!

Learn About Yourself – There is no person more important in your life than you.

We are born alone.  We die alone.

It’s what we do in between that really matters.

Why does this matter, you say?

We begin this journey of our lives right from the day we open our eyes and see this world.  As a young child our brain soaks in information just like a sponge.  Up to 3 years old our brains are growing and learning at the fastest rate they ever will.  We don’t miss anything.

As a teenager and young adult our brains are still growing and we are still learning at a fast rate, however, the difference is we become more aware of what we are learning than we did when we were younger.  Choices become very important at this age.  Who we meet, the friends we make, our daily activities  and much more all become our choices in life.

We pick up habits, beliefs, values, and more, that we take on as who we are, without even being aware that this is what we are doing.  As a teenager and young adult we just begin to learn a bit more about who we are, but often it is not until later in life that we start to really learn about ourselves.  The sooner you start this process of learning about yourself, the more value you will get out of your life.  If you don’t want to know about yourself why should anyone else meeting you want to know about you?

So what is the best way to get started?  Here are three ways that I have found to really get to understand who I am and my purpose for being here:

  1. Choose to learn.  Learning is a choice.  Those that choose to learn at a younger age learn how to navigate this world easier than those that choose to float through their days taking whatever life throws at them, leading to a not a very purpose-filled life.  Live your life on purpose by choosing to love to learn.  Then make it a habit to learn something new everyday.  Learning is not really hard.  Just one new idea, daily, from someone else that you find interesting can dramatically change your life in a year, if you apply that idea into your life.
  2. Start to read.  Many youth and adults say they don’t like to read.  I’m not sure if you are aware but whatever you tell yourself, (or your brain) you believe.  If I say “I hate reading” I will hate reading, simple.  If I say “I love reading” I will start to love reading.  That’s how easy we can learn to start controlling our own brain instead of letting it control you.  It does not matter what you read, just start reading something.  Comic books will count, but only for a while.  Watch for another Blog post soon on my Top 10 books I have read that have changed my life!
  3. Build your self-esteem (Personal Development).  Take one course a year just to learn about yourself.  Invest in your own learning as often as you can.  It is important to note here, learning is not offered free for a reason. Paying for a course for yourself, shows how much you care about yourself.  It is like you, saying to you, “I matter” and “I’m going to prove it by investing in myself”.  Investing in training to help you navigate this world is so important and because the world is changing so rapidly this type of learning should never end for you, until you die.  You can tell someone who values themselves: they are taking all kinds of training so they show up in their lives the best way possible.  What are you waiting for, start looking for a program that gives you tools and materials to help you in this world and enroll soon.  Reward yourself!

Remember, life is your journey.  Learning is a choice.  Yes, it could be argued that just doing life is a learning experience.  It is.  Doing life on purpose is also a choice.  If you choose to learn on purpose you will find your life feeling much more rewarding.  Over my career I have witnessed students who resisted learning at first and then once they started learning about themselves and other topics they found they loved learning.  Try it you might just like it!


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